The best things to do with kids in Saudi Arabia

From ancient villages to hair-raising theme parks, we check out some of the best things to do with kids in Saudi Arabia. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia with a young family and worried about how to keep your kids entertained, don't be. There's plenty to keep them occupied in their new home. To help get you and your family inspired, here's our pick of the coolest things to do with your little ones.
Al Shallal Theme Park. With over a million visitors every year, Al Shallal amusement park is a firm favorite among adventurous families. The attraction is spread across 60,000 square meters on Jeddah's popular Corniche promenade, making it ideal for an evening's entertainment. From full-throttle rollercoasters to gentle teacup rides, the park has thrills and spills for every taste. Attractions, shops, and international food outlets are located both inside and outside. There is also an ice rink if you want to cool down. Wednesdays are reserved for women and children only, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment.
Masmak Fortress. If you're looking to introduce your little ones to the history of their new home, then look no further than Masmak Fortress. Located in the historic heart of Riyadh, this majestic fortress played an important role in the kingdom's history and dates back to 1865. Nowadays, the sandcastle-like building is home to a museum, where exhibitions in both Arabic and English reveal its past. The Masmak museum is free for visitors, however, the fortress is only open to families at certain times during the week, so make sure you check first before you visit.
Fakieh Aquarium. Marine life might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Saudi Arabia, but don't let all that desert confuse you. With almost 1,800km of Red Sea coastline, the country has a rich and colorful underwater ecosystem. If your kids are too young to scuba dive, why not take them to Fakieh Aquarium along Jeddah's Corniche. From seahorses to sharks, you can get up close and personal with all sorts of creatures from beneath the waves. And with the ever-popular dolphin show, your family will feel like explorers of the deep blue sea.
Ushaiqer Heritage Village. If your kids are interested in all things historical, then make sure you take them to Ushaiqer Heritage Village. The restored village will give you and your children a glimpse into how people used to live in Najd in the 17th and 18th centuries. Start at the visitor center before wandering along the village’s atmospheric lanes and alleyways, past mud houses and mosques. You can either hire a guide at the visitor center or simply choose to experience Ushaiqer alone with the help of the friendly locals who are happy to talk about their home. This is without a doubt one of the most memorable things to do with kids in Saudi Arabia.