Free things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is reputedly expensive - but not if you know where to look. Here is an insider's list of unique free things to do in Amsterdam. Here is a list of free things to do in Amsterdam, including free activities and interesting places to visit.
Wander around the free gardens of the Rijksmuseum. No money to enter the Rijks Museum? Spend some time in the freely accessible garden. Just like the museum, the surrounding historical garden also got a make-over. The result is a 14,500sqm outdoor gallery in Renaissance and Baroque style. You can even ask for the free guide with some background info on the statues, fountains, ponds and salvaged Dutch architectural pieces - including Gothic pillars and 17th-century city gates. The Baroque Garden is closed on weekends. If you are getting bored with all that passive wandering around: there is also an open-air chess game and there are always people who like being challenged.
Go to a free classical lunch concert in Amsterdam. For more free things to do in Amsterdam, pay a visit to the Muziektheater/Stopera at Amsterdam Waterloo Square. Every Tuesday from 12.30-1pm there is a free lunchtime concert (from September till May). There is a free performance of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, the choir of the Dutch Opera, or Opera Studio Netherlands.
Wednesday Lunch Concert at Concertgebouw. On Wednesday you can go again for a free concert in Amsterdam. This time drop by at the Concertgebouw on Museum Square. The free Lunch Concert takes place at 12.30pm. Lunch concerts at the Concertgebouw vary from public rehearsals of the Royal Concert Building Orchestra, considered one of the best orchestras in the world, to performances of ensembles of the Dutch Conservatory and chamber music by young talents.
Attend a free jazz concert in Amsterdam. Go to Bimhuis on top of the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ for your free dose of jazz. Just the building alone is worth the visit. Every first Monday of the month it's Monday Match at the Bimhuis. The performance is based on the concept of a creative dance artist who chooses a musician to partner up in unique improv lab. On Monday, dancers and musicians play and dance the match. Show starts at 8pm (not in July, August and Christmas).
Rest at courtyard Begijnhof. A special place and very popular among tourists is the Begijnhof, a haven of peace of tranquillity in the bustling centre of the city. Dating from the 14th century, Begijnhof comprises several historic buildings and the English Reformed Church. In a begijnhof or beguinage (in French), religious women lived to serve God, taking care of the weak and elderly. Different from nuns, however, the women did not retire from the world and they could marry and leave the order when they choose to.